Wer ist ESLA?


ESLA_Final_Logo_Transparant.pngESLA, the European Speech and Language Therapy Association represents 30 SLT organisations from 27 different European countries, totalling more than 40,000 SLTs in Europe. The mission of ESLA is to be the authoritative voice of the Speech and Language Therapy profession in Europe and support the common interests of its members. It also aims to increase the visibility and awareness of Speech-Language Therapy in Europe and beyond, by actively promoting the profession, and safeguarding professional and educational standards.

In order to be able to reach this vision and mission, our organisation underwent heavy restructuring in the past few years and on 6 March, which marks the European SLT Day, it was rebranded from CPLOL to ESLA & relocated to Brussels. The restructuring was carried out to be able to see better to the needs of our member organisations but also very importantly to be aligned with the changes & needs of European society, hence ultimately be of better service to our client group.

WIth the increase of SLT programmes across Europe, the population of our profession has grown, therefore it is of utmost importance to work together to continue raising awareness, advocate for individuals with communic­ation and swallowing disorders and improve the standard of our profession. ESLA is in a position to bring together SLTs, organisations and important stakeholders in Europe for discussion and ultimate benefit of our clients/patients.

To strengthen such collaborations, ESLA has a Memorandum of Understanding with IALP, the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders and also with SLPhD network, which is a network of PhD students.

Through the different Task Forces (TF), individual members from ESLA member organisations have the opportunity to work with colleagues from other European countries on goals set by the General Assembly. We are very grateful to all the current TF members for their fantastic contribution to our profession. We look forward to welcoming European SLTs to our upcoming Congress in Salzburg in May 2022.

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Norma Camilleri, Chair of the Board

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